Holstein Kiel

Holstein Kiel was formed in 1900 after the merger of a number of local clubs. It was one of the top sides in German football throughout the 1900s and 1920’s – regional champions six times and national champions once. In the early post-war years, when elite German football was organised into five regional leagues (Oberligen) the club played consistently in the top tier (Oberliga Nord).

After the formation of the Bundesliga in 1963, Holstein Kiel was placed in the second division. Since then the “die Störche” (the storks) have never made it right to the top and their story been one of demotion followed by promotion, relegation battles and financial worries. But the club is definitely on the up at the moment. It was recently promoted to the 2 Bundesliga and there are exciting plans to expand.


The Holstein-Stadion has a capacity of 11,386 (2,434 seats and 8,952 standing). It is one of the oldest grounds in Germany, having been on the same spot since 1911. Of course, there have been many changes and improvements over the years – the most recent from 2006 to 2009. The club has ambitious plans to double the size of the ground.


You can order tickets in advance at the online ticket shop, by email (kundenservice-holstein-kiel@eventim.de) or phone (004918065570029). In the uncovered parts of the ground, seats cost 24 and a standing place 14 euros. To sit or stand with some protection from the elements costs 31 and 14 euros. If you decide to pay on the day you will pay an extra euro for your tickets.


You can easily get to Kiel from Hamburg by rail. Trains run every hour and the journey takes just over an hour. The 11, 501, 502 or 900 buses will all take you almost all the way from the station to the ground. You get off at “Hanssenstraße”, and the Holstein-Stadion is five minutes walk away.



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