There’s plenty of history in Leipzig, but it is also a very modern and vibrant place. You will have no trouble finding things to do before and after the football. Here are five suggestions:

 1. Wander round the Altstadt

The old centre of Leipzig is full of carefully restored historic building

2. Visit the Stasi Museum

The Stasi was East Germany’s notorious security police force. This museum, which is based in its former Leipzig headquarters, documents how it was used to spy on the entire population and to crush any dissent.

3.  Spend some time in the Nikolaikirche

Events here contributed greatly to the peaceful overthrow of the East German regime and the eventual reunification of the country. In September 1989 huge numbers people started to gather here to pray for peace. Prayers were then followed by mass demonstrations as people marched through the streets demanding change. The largest gathering consisted of 70,000 people. Although soldiers and security police were on standby to crush these protests the orders never came and eventually, the DDR leadership gave in.

4.  Visit the Zoo

Leipzig’s zoo is one of the most progressive in Germany. As well as plenty of endangered species it houses 17,000 tropical plants.

5.  Take a trip into the country

Leipzig is surrounded by beautiful countryside – perfect for a picnic or some fresh air and exercise.



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