Dynamo Dresden


The DDV-Stadion has a capacity of 32,066, with 9,000 standing places. The  25,000 fans who typically come to a game, and the particular design of the stadium make it one of the loudest and most atmospheric grounds in Germany.


You can buy tickets at the online shop. They cost between 14 euros to stand and 37 euros for the most expensive seats.


The DDV-Stadion is 20 minutes walk from the main  station. You can also get there by public transport, but how you travel to the ground is determined by the entrance on your ticket. If you are entering via Lennestraße you take the number 10 or 13 tram and get off at “Großer Garten”, or number 9 or 11 trams and get off at “Lenneplatz”. If you are entering via Blüherstraße you should take the number 1, 2, 4, or 12 tram and get off at “Deutsches Hygienemuseum”.



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